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Sustainable development

Viquel is well aware of the sustainable development issues at stake concerning its business activities and the fact that it manufactures filing and storage products using polypropylene, a petroleum derivative.

For Viquel, these issues can be broken down into three points :
• The fact that polypropylene is derived from a non-renewable raw material, whose transformation has a significant impact on the environment
• Management of these products’ end-of-life when no longer used by customers
• Viquel’s production tool being located inFrance


Viquel's commitments

To face these challenges, Viquel does everything in its power to :
• Limit the environmental footprint made by its production tools and its products
• Attach the greatest possible value to the work done by its employees
• Promote dialogue with its customers and stake holders

In its product offer, Viquel also commits itself to :
• Developing innovation for offering its customers with quality products with low environmental impact
• Maintaining production in France wherever possible in a concern for quality, preserving employment and reducing transports


Concrete examples, already implemented on Viquel production sites :
• Recycling polypropylene production scrap and waste
• Recycling packaging (film and cardboard)
• Heating the production plant by recovering and filtering air from machine compressors

… and in its products :
• Ecodesign for limiting the quantities of material used
• Promoting “ready-to-sell” products to reduce the amount of packaging
• Developing a new range of products manufactured out of Kalatera®, a material reclaimed from recycled food packages such as Tetra Pak®.

Concrete examples of Viquel commitments in sustainable development

Viquel’s sustainable development approach, initiated in 2008, has always been exercised with respect for the quality of its products and their improvement, as well as with a concern for offering the best possible prices.