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Its commitments

Votre Ecole Chez Vous, produit-partage“Votre Ecole Chez Vous” Association

Viquel has been providing support for ill children for the past 8 years through a partnership in the form of product sharing (book protective rolls) with the “Votre Ecole Chez Vous” Association.

“Votre Ecole Chez Vous” is a free home schooling organization for ill, injured and disabled children. Recognized to be of public interest, its mission is to take over from classical and intra-hospital schooling organizations whilst the child is immobilized at home. Each year, the association takes care of around 150 school children from the ages of 4 to 18.

GÉRARD VIQUEL : “We are proud of our commitment and our presence in this association that fights against the removal from school of ill children and we will continue our support with conviction”.

NOËL COPIN, chairman of the association from 1995 to 2007: “Anywhere I’ve been where I was a transient witness to the major events of our times; I’ve always noticed that, in the middle of all the chaos, there are women and men who have always kept a flame for humanity within themselves and within others, the flame that shows the dignity of mankind. I believe that, on another level, the work that is accomplished every day by our School, humbly, patiently, enthusiastically, plays a role in this great human struggle, because it helps those children, who have been injured in their lives, to become women and men just like everyone else and to reach out, through the space that is sometimes extremely small because of their illness, and achieve the fullness of their humanity”.



Humanitarian Associations

For several years now,Viquel has been supporting 2 humanitarian associations through regular donations of school supplies :

Burkina parrainages Dons solidaires